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I was an outside salesman for many years and, as a result, spent a lot of time in my car, on the road. In addition, I’ve had some really long commutes in my career, including a six-month stretch when I commuted 160 miles each way to work. Don’t ask. Despite Howie Carr’s best efforts, the […]

As many people know, I’ve spent the past year completely reinventing myself in a professional sense. After 30+ years in the business world, doing credit & collections, retail sales, media sales and owning my own business, I decided I’d had enough and needed to do something completely different. I decided to become a teacher. A […]

I recently left AT&T and thought I would share my perspective on this cell phone carrier as an insider. I worked as a Retail Sales Consultant and spent time in two stores. I have a unique perspective on AT&T and it’s largest cell phone manufacturer, Apple, because I worked for Apple for nearly five years. […]

Your cell phone number does not begin with a “1” and you never have to dial “1” on your cell phone. You will never get a dial tone on your cell phone. Really? You don’t know your cell phone number? “I don’t know my number, I never call myself.” Funny line – we’ve never heard […]

Okay so here’s a little bit of over-sharing…. So, my friends and family know I was laid-off from Simon Malls in March of 2007. I was out of work for nearly 2 years before finding a full-time job again. In the time I was out of work, I collected unemployment, worked part-time, did temp assignments […]

The iPhone, Leopard & Snow Leopard launches, tearing out the fixtures before remodel, and the post-remodel grand opening. The guy who dragged his upside down Mac Pro across the parking lot, thru the mall and into the store. He was dumbfounded when we fixed his badly scratched up computer instead of replacing it. The drugged […]

This was written 1/27/10 Today marks my last day as an Apple employee. For nearly five years, I’ve been a part-time Specialist at the Apple store at the Mall at Rockingham Park. I have been immensely proud of working at Apple. I accepted a full-time position at AT&T a few months ago and have been […]