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It’s like grade inflation but with weather. Everyone got used to hurricanes, so now they’re “super storms.” It’s not a blizzard, it’s “Juggernaut Juno.” It’s not a thunderstorm, it’s “severe weather.”

I’ve got serious TV scheduling problems. My DVR is stressed out at all the stuff I’ve asked it to do. Here’s what my wife and I watch on Sundays: The Walking Dead Downton Abbey The Good Wife Cosmos Resurrection And tonight, add in an Army Wives two-hour special. What do they all have in common? […]

Pardon me, I’m puzzled. I don’t understand some of the things I see going on around me. I have questions….Can anyone help me to understand? Why does the majority in America have legal standing as a minority? Why do people pay extra for threadbare jeans instead of working hard enough to make them that way? […]

I have given up on Good Morning America. I can not stand what it has become. It represents everything that is wrong with television. GMA is now a cross between Entertainment Tonight, People magazine and a commercial for every ABC show and/or Disney product they can think of. Of course, GMA has always had less […]

When do I get my show? Everyone, it seems, has their own reality show, so I want one too. If Bristol Palin can have one, if two guys who own a pawn shop can have one, if those nimrods from the jersey shore get a show, where’s mine? I’m interesting. I work with the public. […]