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Let’s be honest, in 1969 my research material consisted of the box art.

The Ideal Toy Company released The Phantom Raider in 1964. It was a large toy ship that held lots surprises. It was the ideal toy for a boy captivated by ships (pun intended). The concept of The Phantom Raider was based on the Q-ships of the first and second World Wars. They were seemingly innocuous, […]

Titanic is the perfect movie for my wife and I. It’s a love story. A boy meets girl story. The world says “No” but their love triumphs story. It’s about a woman freed from the staid traditions of her upbringing, set free by the freest of all free spirited young men. It’s about how love […]

Midway between the low hump of Block Island and a rocky point called Judith, lie the remnants of the final skirmish of World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic.

What is a fitting end for a ship? What is a fitting end anyway? An end with dignity, solemnity or respect? Does a ship deserve anything approaching respect? As much as I love ships, they are after all, just vehicles. Hunks of steel, wiring, plumbing, electronics and other assorted mechanical bits and pieces. They carry […]

Why Shipguy?


I get this question a lot actually. I use “shipguy” or some derivation of it for most of my email addresses and account log-ins. No, I never served in the Navy. I do not know how to sail. I do not own a boat. I am not in the merchant marine. Yes, I have been […]