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When NBC News reporter Peter Alexander asked what would the president’s message be to the American people who are “scared right now?” The president fired back: “I say that you’re a terrible reporter.” The president then went on to ream him and his network on national TV.

This man is completely unacceptable to me. He is fundamentally dangerous to our constitution. I fear for our nation if he is reelected.  He’s a fascist. 

You can not be distracted by the day-to-day turmoil of the executive branch. You must not let the evidence, tweeted almost daily, of his unfitness for office derail you from your ultimate goal. Don’t waste energy on impeachment talk or meaningless votes. You must be laser-focused on one thing…

My Protest Vote


We need candidates we can enthusiastically support – not ones that force us to hold our collective nose as we enter the voting booth.

Pardon me, I’m puzzled. I don’t understand some of the things I see going on around me. I have questions….Can anyone help me to understand? Why does the majority in America have legal standing as a minority? Why do people pay extra for threadbare jeans instead of working hard enough to make them that way? […]

So, it’s all over and after about ten million political commercials, 2,500 robocalls, and 500 pieces of political mail, we have a whole new government. Funny thing is, the new government looks a lot like the old government, only more gridlocked. But, I did learn a few things yesterday: * The voters of Massachusetts will […]

I’m confused. Elizabeth Warren wants to go to Washington and fight for the middle class. Scott Brown has been there for two years fighting for working families. Mitt Romney wants to fight for the hard working men and women of America and President Obama is in the Oval Office fighting to keep America moving forward. […]