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It is apparent to me that our education system has failed us as a nation. 

How can we have so many stupid people in this country?

Are these people not considering they may well bring home this deadly virus to their asthmatic child, cancer-surviving wife, diabetic brother or elderly parent?

When NBC News reporter Peter Alexander asked what would the president’s message be to the American people who are “scared right now?” The president fired back: “I say that you’re a terrible reporter.” The president then went on to ream him and his network on national TV.

What’s happening now, feels a little like what was happening after Rick was shot and before he woke up – minus the zombies, of course.

Just in Case…


The idea that I could be asked to “self-quarantine” seemed farfetched a month ago

While it’s never a mistake to thank a vet for his service, today is not about our veterans. Today is the one day each year when we honor the men who died in the service of our nation.

For me a nap is like rebooting your computer. It’s rebooting my brain. It gives me a fresh start, resetting my emotions and eliminating fatigue.