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I can carry an entire week’s groceries inside in just one trip. No, I have not been going to the gym.

I went to the most poorly designed high school in the history of humankind. I think it was considered “state of the art” by some but, from the perspective of a student, it was just dumb. North Kingstown High School (NKHS) was built as a campus. From what I’d heard, it was modeled after a […]

By reputation, New Englanders are made of tough stock. We bear the worst Winter can throw at us with barely a second thought. Snow? Give us all you have and then pile on some more. We’re New Englanders and we know what to do when it snows. We know how to drive and, most importantly, […]

We don’t use a lot of aluminum foil. We’re more of a tupperware family than an aluminum foil family and that’s not an accident. It’s a conscious decision, by me, on how to organize things. I grew up in a house that used Tupperware. We saved all the leftovers in little square plastic boxes all […]

That Was Easy


It’s my fault, really. I knew it was coming. And, of course it always happens right in the middle of something important. My printer ran out of light cyan ink. Mind you, I was printing a black and white letter, but apparently color printers use a little squirt of color to achieve that nice deep, […]

A father and son, alone in a bucolic field under the rich canopy of stars. The son has his eye to the telescope they’ve brought along.  “Son, life can fill your head with all sorts of questions but, so often, you can find the answers by just looking up at the stars.” It’s a moment. […]

The Pope is retiring. This is something the world has not seen in something like 700 years. Usually they serve until they drop. There’s been lots of speculation about intrigue behind the scenes at The Vatican. Is he being pushed out?  Is there some deep, dark secret from his past that he’s being blackmailed with? […]