I am a middle school science and math teacher.

I have more interests than I have time for. I enjoy reading, following the Red Sox, movies, travel and spending time with friends and family.

I also have this thing for ships – I just love big, steel-hulled ships. The wooden ones are impressive in their own right, but I really like big, steel ships. I used to build model ships, but with the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, it became too painful to spend a lot of time making all the little bits and pieces, so I put the ship modeling thing aside for a while. I still build scale models but not with the fine detail I once did.

I’m pretty opinionated and every once in a while, I enjoy spouting off about my thoughts and feelings.

This blog is my vehicle for doing that.IMG_8181

2 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Dad

    How do I register on your blog. I can’t find a place to do so. Dad

  2. On the About page, you’ll see a link that says Follow. Click that and enter your email address. You’ll get an email every time I post something new to my blog.

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