An Urgent Appeal to Democrats


I am a registered Republican. I have been since 1981, when I first registered to vote.

I have been a proud member of my party. I have hailed it’s achievements and criticized it’s failings. It has been styled as the proud party of Lincoln – the Grand Old Party.

And that’s the pity…the character of Lincoln no longer resonates within the party. He is ancient history – an irrelevant coincidence of history. Republicans should be embarrassed to ever invoke his name again.

No, this is the party of McCarthy, who destroyed careers and lives with his smear tactics while conducting a wide-ranging witch hunt for communists and homosexuals.

This is the party of Nixon, who resigned in shame to avoid impeachment and removal from office.

This is the party of Bush (43) who, at best, started a war by mistake.

And now, since Donald Trump has grabbed the party by the P***y it is the party owned and operated by a morally bankrupt, racist man. A man who is probably the least intellectually gifted president ever. And, yet, he is a man Republicans are unwilling to stand up too.

Make America Great Again is a call to action for people who are looking backwards, who yearn for a time when America was at it’s apex of power and prestige. It’s an illusory image. When was this idealistic time? It’s smoke and mirrors that captivated just enough of the electorate to bring this man to power.

In this political atmosphere, criticizing the country or president is equated with being disloyal. It echoes of hearings on un-American activities. This kind of hyper-patriotism has a name. We’ve seen it before, we’ve fought against it and suddenly it’s here, in the oval office, at the campaign rallies – Fascism has come to America.

Democrats, We need your help.

The Nation needs your help.

The World is watching.

You need to focus and defeat this man in November, 2020. In the coming primary season, you must compete to select the best candidate without devolving into the usual chaos and back-biting of a crowded primary field. You must all be willing to put personal goals and aspirations aside in order to put the entire weight of the party behind one excellent candidate.

You can not be distracted by the day-to-day turmoil of the executive branch. You must not let the evidence, tweeted almost daily, of his unfitness for office derail you from your ultimate goal. Don’t waste energy on impeachment talk or meaningless votes. You must be laser-focused on one thing…

It’s the Election, stupid.

Bill Clinton defeated a sitting president based almost entirely on his determination to only discuss the economy. “It’s the economy, stupid.” was the mantra James Carville instituted in the Clinton campaign that defeated George Bush (41). It meant, no matter what the issue, no matter what the question, pivot to the economy. That’s all Clinton wanted to talk about and he defeated a president who, at one time, sported a 90% approval rating.

The republicans have been seduced and bullied by Trump. Our only hope is for the Democrats to defeat him.

Choose a candidate with a moral compass. Choose a candidate who can bring people together – not drive wedges between them. Choose a candidate who stands for something. But, most importantly, Democrats, choose a candidate who can win in the electoral collage.

This man must be defeated – he is fundamentally dangerous to our Republic.

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