We Threw Rocks


Mark has made kind of a thing about writing nice anecdotes about the rest of us on special days. Today is my turn to return the favor.

One of my favorite memories with Mark was when we were living in Manchester, Ct. It was a short-lived stay. Laura had accepted a job with the city newspaper and after a very short time, realized it was not a good fit (They were frickin’ crazy). I think we were in Manchester for just six weeks. and two of those weeks were spent living in a hotel room. We call this period “The year we lost our minds” for good reason.

Anyway, the apartment we moved into was right off Rt 84 outside of Hartford. A new off and on-ramp was being constructed near the apartment complex and one day Mark and I went exploring. We parked on the still-dirt road and hiked up a large hill with a single tree left at the summit. It had been a larger hill before the civil engineers carved two large slices out of it for the new roadways.

Once we go to the top, it was like a diamond shaped meadow with that one tree. We walked around, looked around and there really wasn’t anything to do up there…….except throw rocks.

And that’s what we did – we threw rocks down onto the construction site. Since we were pretty high up we could throw them pretty far. We cleaned that meadow-remnant clear of rocks.


He loved it. I mean, how often does a parent say “Let’s throw rocks?” We’re usually the ones yelling “Put that rock down,” “Do not throw rocks at the car,” etcetera, etcetera.

We had a blast. It was simple fun. And I’m pretty sure, Mark will remember it too – and he wasn’t quite three yet.

Happy Birthday and thanks for the memory.

Epilogue: For years and years, every time we passed that exit, I would look for our tree at the top of the hill between the, now completed and very busy, on and off-ramps. Finally, about ten years later, it was gone. A victim of time. But, even now, whenever I pass that hill, I still glance to the top where we threw rocks together and smile.

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