Three Life Hacks


I love seeing photo galleries of life hacks. You know, those uber-creative solutions to life’s little challenges – things that just make your life easier. I have to say, there are some really, really creative people in the world. Some of the things they come up with are brilliant.

I’m only somewhat creative so I only have three, but they’re pretty good and, most importantly, they work for me. Maybe they’ll work for you.

Unexpected consequences. 

When our kids were young, we didn’t recycle. Not one little bit. As a result, we threw away everything – bottles, cans, jars, cardboard boxes, paper…everything. We used to need to empty the kitchen trash every night – it was usually full and couldn’t be compressed anymore, so out it went. Now, all that stuff goes in the recycling bin.IMG_4256

With that huge volume of recyclable materials not going in the trash, and with two fewer people living in the house, the kitchen trash doesn’t fill up nearly as fast. We empty it about twice a week. What that means is that it begins to smell. All the bones, leftover food, eggshells, coffee grounds and such…just begin to stink within a few days. I know, we could empty it every night but it seems wrong to bring a 12 gallon trash bag out to the can with 12oz of garbage in it.

We started reusing gallon ziplock bags, coffee cans, empty jars, etc and put all the garbage in those. We can close it up, toss it in the kitchen trashcan and, voila! no smell.

How old is that salsa?

Ever reach back into the far recess of the ‘fridge for that half-empty jar of pasta sauce and wonder; “How long has this been here? Is it still good?”IMG_4257

I did, and I did it a lot. So I started writing the dates we open stuff on the lid before it disappears behind the milk. Now, we know exactly when we opened it..and can better gauge whether it’s okay to use or toss.

Wrinkles be gone.

When we remodeled our laundry room, we lost a really convenient place to hang clothes. So we improvised. We hung a towel rack from the ceiling. We keep hangers there and IMG_4258now, when something needs to be hung up right from the washer or dryer, we have a handy, out of the way place to put them. It’s behind the door so even with a week’s worth of scrubs and polo shirts hanging, it’s still out of the way (in a pretty small room).

So, that’s the limit to my creative life hacks. They work for me…make my life easier. Maybe, they’ll work for you. Do you have life hacks to share? Write a comment below…

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