Christmas Fatigue…


It’s too early, I tell you, way too early. I am not ready for this.

    • Home Depot has a virtual forest of artificial Christmas trees up.
    • I walked past a register at JC Penney today and heard the term “Door Buster” several times.
    • Santa’s Village is under construction at the malls.
    • There’s a Salvation Army bell ringer outside the NH state liquor store.

It’s November first. Halloween was yesterday.

It seems the holiday season gets extended a little every year and I’m sick to death of it. Some of this stuff started in October. 1414797470-covent-garden-christmas-decorations-set-up-in-london_6151688

At this rate, they’ll be running Black Friday sales in August, Santa will never leave the mall and JC Penney, Best Buy, Walmart, Sears et al. will be running super-deluxe-door-vaporizing sales every day of the year.

I’m starting to think, the guy who leaves his lights up all year was right.

Every year I feel less and less Christmas spirit. Usually, by the time we get to December 25th I’m sick to death of Christmas. This year, I can feel that starting already.

I’ve still got Christmas fatigue from last year.

Only 53 shopping days to Christmas, and just 418 shopping days until Christmas 2015.



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