Ten Good Things About The Market Basket Dispute


• I can carry an entire week’s groceries inside in just one trip. No, I have not been going to the gym.

• There’s a real sense of community with the Market Basket shoppers and that’s why the boycott is working. It’s a little like being a member of an exclusive club and we’re holding our meetings at Stop & Shop, Hannaford’s, Walmart, Shaw’s, Target, BJs etc.

• I’ve totally reorganized my finances. It’s probably a good thing that I’m spending so much more for food. I used to throw away money on frivolous things like shelter, utilities and gasoline.

Market Basket shelves

• I can always get a parking spot in the front row, right by the door at Market Basket. No, I was not shopping, I just wanted to look around and see what a business that has lost 90+ percent of their customers looks like.

• I’m meeting new people. I’m talking to more Market Basket customers than ever before. Of course, I’m talking to them in Stop & Shop and we’re all saying the same thing; “I want my grocery store back.”

• It’s a geography lesson. Market Basket operates the only grocery stores in Haverhill, so I’ve been going to Methuen multiple times a week to shop or pick up some forgotten item. Everyone seems to be using google maps to see what stores are in or around their towns.

• Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional scavenger hunt? Everyone is wandering around with that same bewildered expression, looking for something. You can hear them in the aisles; “You seen the razor blades?” “No, have you found the salad dressing?”

• I’m trying new things. I buy the same things every week, and now, since I can’t find those brands, I’m trying out new, and more expensive, brands.

• The Market Basket diet. With the costs of groceries higher at other stores, people are buying, and therefore eating less. I suspect we’ll see Arthur S. hawking the benefits of his new Market Basket diet plan on Katie Couric’s show some time soon.

• People are standing up for people. I have been amazed to see managers, workers and customers all hold together for over a month. Based on the number and desperate tone of their press releases, the pressure seems to be getting to the board of directors.

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