Happy 5th Anniversary WordPress


Today is the 5th anniversary of my WordPress blogs. My, how time flies when you’ve having fun.

I have two blogs hosted by WordPress: one for my my video business, Safe and Sound Video, and one for fun.

In total I have 131 posts between the two blogs. That’s a lot of writing.Image

To commemorate this anniversary, I thought I’d list some of my favorite posts and include links to them. I’m going to post this on both blogs, so if you’re only familiar with one of them, feel free to check out the other.

Safe and Sound Video

Transfer To Save Not Destroy

Can You Add Music To My Silent Home Movies?

To Guam and Back

The Miracle Of Life On Video

Shoot Video Like This, Not That

The Amateur Sex Video Question…

Random Thoughts From Shipguy

Remembering My Friend

Flip, Smack, Wave, Delete – My Life At WXRV, 92.5 The River

What’s Next? Tommy John Surgery?

A Confession

The Ted Williams Ball

Change Is The Only Constant

The Best Collection in the World

Block Island’s U-boat

An Open Letter To Red Sox Management

This Father’s Day, I Celebrate My Children

There you have it, my favorite posts. Enjoy, share, comment, feel free to disagree. I’ve enjoyed expressing myself on a wide range of topics and I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

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