So Wrong, Wrong, Wrong And Loving It.


I have never been so happy to be so wrong about so many things. I wonder if anyone has ever written all those words in exactly the same order before. But I mean it.

Back in March, I published a post here about my expectations for the Red Sox 2013 season.

Here’s how I did:

Mercifully, the sellout streak will end by Patriots Day.
Right on. The streak did end a long over due death.

Will Middlebrooks will not be elected to the Hall of Fame.
In fact he was sent back to Pawtucket for a good chunk of the season. Another one right (This was a gimmie, he’s not even eligible for the HOF).

Neither will Jackie Bradley, Jr.
He was the talk of Spring training. The new phenom. The future. Didn’t really work out that well for Bradley Jr. this season. He only played 37 games in the big leagues this season. Another prediction right on the mark.

Terry Francona will receive an immense ovation when he returns with the Cleveland Indians on May 23rd.
Yup. Got that one too.

Stephen Drew will be more durable than his brother, J.D. Drew, but not by a lot.
He was more durable. He missed some time. I got that one right too.

Clay Buchholz will be on the DL at least twice this season.
Right with a vengeance. This guy just can not stay on the field. He missed half the season.

Jacoby Ellsbury will be traded by the end of July.
Nope – made it through the whole season but I suspect he’s played his last game in a Red Sox jersey.

Josh Beckett will win fewer than 14 games.
Am I a bad guy if I smile as I type this?  He did not record a single win with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Beckett pitched just 43.1 innings and had a 0-5 record. Got this one right too.

The Yankees will finish dead last. They are the oldest team in the Majors and they will fall apart this year.
Yes, they did fall apart this year. They had the whole A-Rod thing to deal with but they did not finish last. Only the woeful underperforming Blue Jays were worse in the AL East. It’s almost as if Bobby Valentine was managing them.
David Ortiz will play in fewer than 81 games.
A total miss. David Ortiz played in 137 games and was a monster in the post season.

The Red Sox will win more than 81 games – but not many more.
Wrong. They did win more than 81 games, but they actually won a lot more. The Red Sox won 97 games – tied with St. Louis for the most in baseball.

They’ll finish 4th behind Tampa, Toronto and Baltimore.
Wrong, wrong, wrong. They had the best record in the American League, beat the best pitchers in both leagues in the post season and won the World Series.

Three championships in ten seasons. I would have never predicted that. But, really no one would have.

My next prediction?

Never again will you see the words “Red Sox fans” and “long suffering” together in a single sentence.

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