This Father’s Day, I Celebrate My Children


I never explored the blackness of space. I never became a best selling author. I never fought bravely in battle. I never developed important economic theories. I’ve not made groundbreaking discoveries nor expanded the depth of human knowledge. I am not a captain of industry or leader of social change. When I’m gone, no one is going erect a statue or name a building after me.

But I stand before you, this Father’s Day, an immensely proud man. My life’s work is my two boys. Men of whom, I could not be more proud.

They are good men just starting out in their lives. They are smart, kind and loyal. They value friends and family. They stand up with and for their friends. They make people laugh. They light up a room when they enter. People, and I in particular, enjoy spending time with them.

When I look back over my life, mostly what I see are the mistakes, disappointments, failures and faults. I think maybe all men do.

My Father has said to others, that he should have spent more time with me when I was young, that he could have been a better father. It’s time to let him off the hook.

Dad, you did great. Times were different then. You did everything was expected of you and more. I remember playing catch with you and learning how to use all the tools on your workbench. I think you’re looking back and seeing the same view I see.

But, look at the present. Look at the evidence standing in front of you. When I look across the room at my kids, all I see is success.

My Father-in-Law is fond of saying “You never know when you’re making a memory.” And he must be right because somehow, between all the problems, headaches and struggles, my


children grew up okay. Somehow they learned a lot of important lessons in the right way. And, they seem to have wonderful memories of their youth – go figure.

I credit my wife with the lion’s share of the hard stuff. She’s much smarter than I am. She’s warm and loving and offsets many of my shortcomings.

It might be nice to have a park named in your honor, but my legacy is my two kids and that’s more than enough for me.

This Father’s Day, I celebrate my children. They have a long history to write and I’m loving watching it day by day.

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