I Miss The Old Internet


I miss the wild, wild, west quality that the internet once had, I don’t know, 5 to 15 years ago. It all seemed so much more open and free. There was a little bit of adventure that’s long gone.

I miss the old internet.

I didn’t feel my every move was being logged and cataloged so some huge corporate machine could serve up ads that I’m statistically more likely to respond too.

It was about information then, now not so much.

It’s all about commerce.

You can find information, but usually it’s associated with a website trying to sell you something or there are ads surrounding and, in some cases, intruding upon the information you’re after.

I understand how business use the internet. I sold SEO and SMM and social media services. I totally get that business, and particularly, small business needs to use the tools at it’s disposal to the maximum extent possible.

Heck, I use Google Adwords for my business, Safe and Sound Video.

I just miss the old internet.

I posted a short home movie to YouTube a while back. I had used about a minute and a half of a popular song. YouTube posted the video, but due to copyright restrictions, eliminated the music. I understand it’s not my music to use as I wish. The artist is entitled to control his work. I get it.

I just miss the old internet.

And I know YouTube ie. Google has stockholders and needs to make it’s numbers, but they’ve slathered ads over every friggin’ thing they offer.  You can’t play any videos without an ad before it, or over the footage or some channel for someone trying to pitch you a product being suggested.2862038959_2c0ab49d0b_o

I just miss the old internet.

There were chat rooms for every topic you might imagine, and some I don’t want to even know about. I don’t know if chat rooms even exist anymore. But who needs them? Now, we’re turned our entire lives into a Facebooked, Instragramed and Twitterized chat room.

I just miss the old internet.

Maybe it’s the newness that I miss. I don’t know. But I’m pretty tired of corporate America being in my face every time I open my browser. I’m not a Gmail or Yahoo mail user. It creeps me out that they scan the contents of your email to serve up ads that might be relevant to you.

I do know there’s no going back. Maybe the way to beat the commercial aspect is to be an ultra-early adopter. Get in on the latest thing before the business world gets wind of it and starts to exploit it for commerce.

I don’t know, I just miss the old internet.

Is there any chance Al Gore could invent something new?

7 Responses to “I Miss The Old Internet”

  1. I so agree.

  2. I want geocities back.

    • 4 Tyler Durden

      Yes, why the heck did Geocities ever have to go in the first place!?

  3. We remember the old days, but youngsters of today do not. I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately about AOL, newgroups, and the early 1990s on the web. You are 100% right.

  4. 6 Angelo S

    Me too! I miss how so many things were made possible through partnerships of multiple, less than professional people working together. I used to play MUDs – multi-user dungeons. Each one was just a collaboration of dozens, if not hundreds, of developers working together to build a world. Now, you get a far more polished experience but it has lost its charm.

    Sure, the old web wasn’t streamlined and so easy even a 3 year old could use it. It was full of inane geocities and angelfire websites. So much of it looked awful and took forever to load. I don’t miss a lot of it but, like you, I miss the freedom, variety, and ingenuity.

    Oh. Oh! Remember webrings?

    • Oh gods, webrings lol. I was in one! I just can’t remember what for. O.o

      Now that my webhost has turned into whatever the heck Aabaco is, I find myself wishing for Geocities again too. I miss it. It wasn’t complicated, and I paid like $4 a month to get rid of the ads and maybe even get more storage space, I forget. Ironically, my webhost *was* Geocities until it became Yahoo webhosting, which later got rid of the personal account pricing. I reluctantly upgraded to small business simply because it had the features I needed. Now it’s suddenly become this Aabaco nonsense, and the more I read into the transition, the shadier it sounds.

      Things were less money-driven back in the day… that’s probably the biggest difference. Now everything is huge corporations hiding behind subcompanies to dodge taxes. I know history was heading that way even in the glory days of pre-Y2K computing… but whatevs. Get off my yard ye daft kids, and all that.

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