Pardon me, I’m puzzled…


Pardon me, I’m puzzled. I don’t understand some of the things I see going on around me. I have questions….Can anyone help me to understand?

Why does the majority in America have legal standing as a minority?

Why do people pay extra for threadbare jeans instead of working hard enough to make them that way?

If a TV network cancels a show after just one or two episodes…how come they couldn’t tell it was bad before they aired it?

Why do we celebrate holidays by going to the mall and buying more stuff?Image

How is it that a person who performed relatively poorly on a civil service exam gets the job over a person with better scores…..and its not called discrimination?

When did a cell phone come to be considered such a necessity, that government programs provide them for free.

How come the “Just pay separate processing and handling” fees are more than the price of the second product?

Why is it that the majority of people can vote for one presidential candidate and have the “loser” actually win.

Why do we let our elected officials exempt themselves from the very healthcare programs they created for the rest of us.

At what point did celebrity gossip start to pass as “news?”

How come the commercials garner more attention then the national championship football game?

How much time must pass before “Breaking News” just becomes news?

Why do they sell hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight?

What is the value of a “fork split” english muffin? You’re going to get a knife involved at some point, anyway, right?

Why do fast food drive-thru’s have signs saying braille menu available?

How come our “poor college students” always sport the latest and greatest in technological gadgets?

How is that people are free to buy a semi-automatic weapon, but are prohibited from buying a large Slurpee?

Can anyone help me to understand?



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