Pizza, Pizza Guys Get It Wrong, Wrong.


A father and son, alone in a bucolic field under the rich canopy of stars. The son has his eye to the telescope they’ve brought along.  Image

“Son, life can fill your head with all sorts of questions but, so often, you can find the answers by just looking up at the stars.”

It’s a moment.

But wait………the “moment” is about to become a pitch for a chain of pizza shops.

Take 10 seconds and watch the beginning of the commercial.

It’s wrong…totally, completely wrong.

First, they’ve left the car running with the lights on. If you’re going to take the time to drive out into the country, set up a telescope and try to see something interesting, it’s gonna take a while. You’re going to want to wait long enough for your night vision to optimize. Too long to keep the car running. It’s not like you dash out into the field, throw the telescope on the ground, look up and voila – there’s the Crab Nebula.

Second, they’ve got a Coleman lantern lighting up the area around them. The reason you want to go into a nice dark field in a country setting is because it’s, well, dark. Turn on the lantern and ‘poof’ there goes your night vision.

Third, and this is the best part, they’ve got the telescope set up backwards. Yes, backwards. It’s pointed at the ground. They’re using a reflecting telescope – specifically a Newtonian reflecting telescope, invented by Sir Issac Newton in 1668 – backwards.

This kind of telescope is a tube – one end is open and faces the sky – the other end has a mirror. Light comes in the open end, bounces off the mirror back up the tube to a second mirror that reflects it out to the eyepiece. The eyepiece is located near the open end of the tube.

The picture at right is how to use a Newtonian reflector. Image

Now, compare this image with the image from the commercial. See what I mean? They’ve got the whole thing turned around backasswards.

I know they’re actors and not astronomers. But, when the actor/son looks through the eyepiece and sees the floor of the sound stage, might that have been a clue? Or maybe the director just liked this look better.

If they’d gone with a different type of telescope, the father and son on one knee idea would have worked. They would have needed a refracting telescope – invented by Galileo Galilei in 1609.

Of course, it’s just a Little Caesars commercial. I just figure, if you’re putting something on TV that millions of people are going to see, you might want to get it somewhere close to right.

But, maybe I’m expecting too much.

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