Fighting For The Middle Class?


I’m confused.

Elizabeth Warren wants to go to Washington and fight for the middle class. Scott Brown has been there for two years fighting for working families. Mitt Romney wants to fight for the hard working men and women of America and President Obama is in the Oval Office fighting to keep America moving forward.

Here’s what confuses me……..who are they fighting?

I can’t think of who these folks are fighting on my behalf.

Corporate America? I think not. No matter where on the political spectrum a politician sits, they’re getting campaign contributions from corporations. Sure, they spout on about corporate greed and those evil folks on Wall Street, but they’re all taking contributions. So who’s going to fight these guys – they help the politicians fulfill job number one – getting reelected.

Political action committees? It seems all the pols hate PACs until they need help getting reelected. Have you noticed all the PAC funded ads this year? They’re the politicians best friend – they say the things the pol doesn’t want you to hear coming out of his or her mouth. Yeah, all the pols give lip service to “campaign reform” but when it comes right down to it, they’re not fighting the PACs – they’re too valuable.

Be the first on your block to collect the complete set.

The lobbyists? They don’t set policy. They don’t pass, sign or veto legislation. They buy plates at $10,000 a plate fundraisers. They treat our politicians to weekend “seminars.” They influence policy but they don’t set it.

Let’s think about this…

My Congresswoman tells me she’ll fight for the middle class, and some Congressman in Kansas is telling his constituents the same exact thing at the exact same time…and then they go to Washington and engage in a steel cage death match.

I think we may be on to something here…

The Republicans fight the Democrats and the Democrats fight the Republicans and when they get tired of that, they fight within their own parties too.

And that’s the least of all the fighting.

The House fights the Senate and be Senate fights the House. And they both fight the White House and the White House fights right back.

But it seems to me none of these folks are really fighting for you or I. They’re really fighting for the next term – the next election. They’re fighting for the next campaign contribution. They’re fighting for position, for media coverage and for that spot on the Sunday morning talking head shows.

I’m thinking, this is why so little gets done in the nation’s capital.

Maybe we need people who aren’t so eager to “fight for us.”

Maybe we should elect people who are willing to actually sit down to talk and listen to each other.

Maybe, if they fought less and listened more, they might actually get this country a little more unified and moving in the right direction.

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