Things I like


My wife has often accused me of being too negative, of being a complainer and a griper.  So, I looked over my posts from the last year or so and, at the risk of being called negative again, I disagree. I think that characterization is wrong.

Sure, I’ve had my posts that were basically gripes, but I’ve had just as many that could be considered philosophical, sentimental or topical.

Anyway, just to make sure I swing the pendulum more to the positive side than the negative, here are some things I like.  You might categorize these as “the little things in life.”

• My E-ZPass. I just love sailing through toll booths. No more slowing, waiting, or digging for cash/change.

• My iPad. I love having all my “stuff” so accessible in one small package. I have really enjoyed reading books on the iPad – and best of all – free digital book check-outs from my local library. (I’m writing this post on my iPad – thanks guys).

• Hot shaving cream and a sharp blade. I’d rather not shave, to a point. I really don’t have any desire to have a beard – been there, done that – too itchy. So, if I have to shave, I want a sharp blade and hot shaving cream. Makes the whole process warm and smooth.

• That first sip of coffee. If you’re a coffee drinker is there anything better? If I were Maxwell House, I’d do some serious research on how to make sips two through two hundred just as good.

• Hot chocolate. An indulgence not to be repeated often unless you want to add a pound a week.

• A hot, steamy shower. When I traveled alone for business one of my favorite things was to check into my room, start the shower on hot, hot, hot and close the bathroom door for 20 minutes. It was like a sauna with a shower combined. I’m sure the accountants at the hotels were horrified by the sudden increase in their hot water usage, but they figure that in, right?

• Have you ever read the first paragraph of a book and known, right then, that it was going to be good? I love that.

• Flannel sheets on a cold winter’s night. It’s like instant warmth. It’s so fast, no coldness at all, that it must be some sort of chemical reaction between flannel and skin.

• Change. I like coins. If I have $2 in change in my pocket, I feel like a million bucks. It’s dumb, but spending change doesn’t feel like spending money. It’s like bonus money.

• Commercial flight is such a pain in the ass that it’s hard to find a lot to like about it. But, I love the feeling of acceleration, of being pushed back into my seat as the aircraft barrels down the runway going faster and faster until it leaps into the air. I can only imagine what a blast is must be to fly a high performance military plane.

• The baseball season. Someday, I’ll do a whole post on my love of baseball. I love the pace of the season, that it’s always there for months and months. I love how important each game is even over the course of a 162 game season. How April’s mistakes can lead to October’s disappointment and how an entire season can seemingly come down to a single pitch.

That ought to do for now….now, maybe I’ll start working on the other list…the list of things I dislike.

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