Good Morning America Morphs Into Entertainment Tonight In The Morning


I have given up on Good Morning America. I can not stand what it has become. It represents everything that is wrong with television.

GMA is now a cross between Entertainment Tonight, People magazine and a commercial for every ABC show and/or Disney product they can think of.

Of course, GMA has always had less news content than the Today Show – it’s always been lighter fare, but things are totally out of control now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see the Secretary of Agriculture on TV a lot (I don’t even know who he or she is) – but would it kill ABC to show a little hard news? Something beyond some sex triangle murder or a psychological profile of Casey Anthony. This is a Presidential campaign year and practically the only politics they show is the obligatory 17 second segment on the latest campaign gaff.

What does it say about a “news show” that mentions Lady Gaga 25 times more often than Secretary of State Clinton or does a “GMA exclusive” interview with Lindsey Lohan’s Mom?

There is so little hard news content that Weather-land man Sam Champion was actually making fun of the lack of news content in his own show on the air the other day.

The joke here is that GMA is actually part of the ABC News Division and doesn’t that really just make ABC News a joke unto itself?

Recently, I’ve seen segments for Celebrity Wife Swap, The Chew, and The Revolution – all ABC shows. Then, of course, there was that hard-hitting segment about Madonna and Elton John’s Golden Globes spat.

Lara Spencer seems to be the queen of Entertainment This Morning doing pop culture “news.” Lara, you do know it’s all crap, right?

And the deals of the day – they’re incorporating a QVC-like segment into their programming model. I mean, really, is there no depth that GMA will not sink too?

The happy news team thing has each of them laughing and giggling like every single word every one of them says is the funniest freakin’ thing they’ve ever heard until tomorrow when they start all over again.

And I guess the worst thing is that people are watching.

GMA is attracting more viewers now than they have in years. They are still behind The Today Show but not by much and if they can just shoe horn a little bit more celebrity gossip into the show, I’m confident they’ll be the  #1 morning “news” show soon.

It’s a pathetic excuse for a news program and I’ve had enough.

One Response to “Good Morning America Morphs Into Entertainment Tonight In The Morning”

  1. 1 Anne

    it is really sad that entertainment news has become more pertinent than actually news. There has to be a balance in there somewhere.

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