A Few Things You Should Know When Visting Your Cell Phone Store.


Your cell phone number does not begin with a “1” and you never have to dial “1” on your cell phone.
You will never get a dial tone on your cell phone.
Really? You don’t know your cell phone number?
“I don’t know my number, I never call myself.” Funny line – we’ve never heard that one before.
Pictures are not stored on the SIM card.
The iPhone is not a $49 phone…it’s heavily discounted when you sign a 2 year contract.
A two-year contract is a CONTRACT and you can’t just walk away without facing an early termination fee.
We open at 11 just like the sign on the door says….. if you show up at 10:30 we’re not going to open early for you.
We will ask to see your photo ID if we need to access your account. If you drove here, that really shouldn’t be a problem, right???
We do not have loaner phones.
If you’re still using the phone you bought in 2003, we will probably make fun of you when you come in the store to upgrade.
Your nation wide plan is for domestic use only….Canada and Mexico are NOT included.
We will not give you a free phone because you sent yours through the washer/dryer.
Please do not hand me the phone you just fished out of the toilet.
If you lose your phone and have not saved your contacts in some way, we do not have a magical way of restoring them
Same thing with your pictures.
And your text messages too.
We can not block calls or texts from specific numbers but a handful of phones will allow you too.
If you are rude to me, I probably will not bend over backwards to help you. If you are decent to me, I will.
The era of the “Free upgrade” is over. We now charge a fee for doing that.
If you get a free phone – you’re probably getting an older model, a refurbished phone, a very basic model or one that didn’t sell well.
If your kids are putting a passcode on their phone it’s NOT because they want to hide stuff from their friends.
We will offer to transfer your contacts but, remember, it doesn’t always work.
No, we can not print out all your text messages.
If you buy a phone at an agent…buyer beware.
If you buy a phone from the website, you do not have to come into the store to activate it. Just follow the instructions in the box.
If you buy the free phone at Costco/Radio Shack etc, please ask THEM to teach you how to use it and feel free to ask them to go out to the parking lot and pair it with your car’s bluetooth.
Car chargers do not come with the phone.
I can not “throw in” accessories. I work on commission and I need to sell you accessories.
I understand you have been a customer for 15 years, but you can not get an iPhone for free.
We can not track down the person who stole your phone. That is what the police are for.
No, your old charger probably won’t work with your new phone.
With Bluetooth headsets, you really do get what you pay for. The $129 headset is a whole lot better than then the one for $32.
I understand you pay the bill, but if you’re not listed on the account, I can’t help you.
If you buy a $700 phone, doesn’t it make sense to protect it with a case?
If you buy a case for your $700 phone, doesn’t it make sense to keep the phone in the case?
Water is bad for your cell phone.
Monday is wet phone day.
Your warranty does not cover water damage. That is why we asked if you wanted insurance when you bought the phone.
If nothing happened to your phone, why is water coming out of the headphone jack?
You put your phone in the cooler to keep it dry. What genius thought of that?
If you get shut off every month because you didn’t pay your bill and are then charged a $41 late/restoral charge, please don’t complain that your bill is too high.
If you don’t pay your bill regularly, your upgrade may be delayed.
Why are you buying your 7 year old a $500 smart phone?
Data and texting are different.
Other cell phone companies require you to pay your bill as well…go figure.
Yes your phone needs to be powered on to receive a call.
No, you can not have a “good” number.
The pay-station is user friendly please don’t refuse to use it.
Please don’t come into the store drunk, high or otherwise altered.
If you have porn on your phone we will see it.
If you have child porn, we will call the police -really.
It’s SIM card not SIMs….where does that extra “S” come from?
If you call the warranty or insurance departments from the store it does not expedite things in the slightest bit.
We charge a restocking fee if you return your phone and, no, I’m not going to waive it because you don’t like the phone you chose.
Your upgrade date is different from your contract date. You may be eligible to upgrade but you are probably still under contract.
We close at 8pm. If you show up at 8:02 we probably will not help you.
Yes, those prices are real. People really do pay full price for their phones sometimes.
It’s not our fault that the state charges so much tax on cell phones.
All our products come with a one year warranty. We will not replace the car charger you bought 2 1/2 years ago. Time to pony up the money and buy a new one.
We have a 30 day return period on almost everything in the store. That means you can not return something you bought 6 months ago.
We have sold 347 different phones in the past decade and we carry replacement batteries for 11 of them.
We probably do not have the home charger for the Nokia phone you bought in 2004.

2 Responses to “A Few Things You Should Know When Visting Your Cell Phone Store.”

  1. This should be printed and handed to every wireless customer who walks in a wireless store. Cell phones may/may not give one cancer, but they do make people “intelligence challenged”

  1. 1 cell phone bill

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