Space: The Final Frontier


This week ends the Space Shuttle Program. 135 flights, 5 spacecraft built, 2 lost with crew. The accomplishments of the program are immense, launching satellites, building the International Space Station, repairing the Hubble Space Telescope and many, many more.

Last week The President marked the end of the program with these words:

“Well, this mission marks the final flight of the Space Shuttle Program and also ushers in an exciting new era, to push the frontiers of space exploration and human spaceflight.“

Is he on crack?

This is a new era of…..nothing. No manned spaceflight program, no new vehicles, no manned missions planned. Nothing. Just some vague words about someday going to Mars.

We have this fantastic space station orbiting earth. The biggest science lab to ever fly and we have no way of getting there and back. We have to ride with the Russians. We paid for most of their contribution to the ISS, and now we’re buying rides on their spacecraft.

Forty two years ago today, I watched men walk on the moon. I was excited and confident that I’d soon see men explore Mars. I’m not so hopeful any more. I’m sure it will happen, but may not be in my lifetime and, when it happens, they might not be Americans.

We need a President who can express a vision of the future that includes manned spaceflight. Someday people are going back to the Moon, someday they are going to Mars and beyond. I  want those people to be Americans. I want to lead the way, not hitch a ride.

What has happened to the space program is a travesty.


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One Response to “Space: The Final Frontier”

  1. 1 Joe Pro

    Amen brother! “To go where no man has gone before”, will never happen with the deadbeat we have in office.

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