Where’s My Show?


When do I get my show? Everyone, it seems, has their own reality show, so I want one too. If Bristol Palin can have one, if two guys who own a pawn shop can have one, if those nimrods from the jersey shore get a show, where’s mine?

I’m interesting. I work with the public. Everyone’s got a cell phone and everyone’s got a story.

I deal with the drama of early upgrades, and water damaged cell phones and families who can’t say “no” to their iPhone-toting 8 year-olds. We have crack-heads shopping right next to the arrogant, nouveau riche from Beverly Farms and South Hamilton.

What could be better TV than a teary-eyed 13 year-old girl who’s smashed her iPhone and her Range-Rover-driving, stay-at-home Mom complaining how unfair it is that she can’t get it replaced for free?

Or the customers who are so “altered” you get a contact high from shaking their hand?

How about the customers who haven’t paid their cell bill in three months and, as a result, got shut off griping that the company sucks and they’re going to “insert name of a competing cell phone service provider.”

We’ve got drama – plenty of drama for Bravo or MTV or even ABC to build a show around. God knows how they love their reality TV. Cheap to produce, and they have the potential to be huge hits.

Maybe we could hand a rose to the the person in the store who’s eligible to upgrade. On the same hand, we could vote the most obnoxious customer out of the store too.

Maybe we could call it Cell Phone Wars, Upgrade Swap, Keeping Up with the Androidians, Biggest Loser (oh, wait, that one’s been used), or Hell’s Cell Phone Store.

Oh, and while you’re at it. I’d like a cookbook too. It seems everyone’s got one of those too.


2 Responses to “Where’s My Show?”

  1. 1 Ed

    Yeah, we could extract all sorts of drama from our store also, as I’m sure you remember. I love your title proposals. Very creative.

  2. 2 Matthew M. Rajotte

    Amazing! I love it. Same exact drama at Verizon too!

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