Osama Bin Laden is Dead and I’m Pleased


I’ve had nearly a week to absorb the news and I’m still feeling a little like I can’t believe we got him. I guess I had given up hope of ever finding him. I figured he’d probably die of kidney disease before we ever found his hiding place or places.

To me, the only thing that could have gone better about finding Bin Laden is if it had been years sooner.

I’m so pleased it wasn’t kidney disease that killed him. I’m glad it wasn’t a missile fired from a unmanned predator aircraft or a smart bomb dropped from an aircraft or even a cruise missile fired from a submarine hundreds of miles away.

I’m glad it was personal. I’m glad he saw the US Navy Seals in his bedroom and knew it was about to end and that we’d done it to him.

Honestly, when they found him, he could have been reciting the pledge of allegiance with one hand on his heart and his other hand holding a written confession and apology and I wouldn’t care.

I don’t believe they ever intended to take him alive, but if they had, I’d have bought the pay-per-view water boarding TV special.

They say he was unarmed.
I don’t care.

They say he wasn’t wearing an explosive suicide belt.
I don’t care.

They say he wasn’t resisting.
I don’t care.

They say his wife was an innocent.
I don’t care.

What I do care about is those children I saw on 20/20 last night who all grew up without a parent.

I care about the young woman who said good-bye to her Dad over the phone because he was trapped on an upper floor in one of the towers and knew there was no way out.

Bin Laden is dead, he got what he deserved. Now, where are the rest of them?

One Response to “Osama Bin Laden is Dead and I’m Pleased”

  1. 1 John W

    Spot on old Chap, spot on.

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