Home Depot: Passionate About Customer Service? Not So Much.


Okay so here’s a little bit of over-sharing….

So, my friends and family know I was laid-off from Simon Malls in March of 2007. I was out of work for nearly 2 years before finding a full-time job again.

In the time I was out of work, I collected unemployment, worked part-time, did temp assignments and, really, did just about anything I could to keep money flowing into the household.

Realistically, money was pretty tight but Laura and I worked really hard to keep our heads above water. We had lots of help from friends and family and we thank you all for that.

Throughout this entire trying period we never missed a payment on any of our credit cards – not once.

In the last few months we have received letters from Sears, JC Penney and Home Depot informing us that they have closed our credit accounts.

Talk about no good deed goes unpunished.

We have been loyal customers of each these retailers for years. We have always paid our bills even when I was out of work.

As a thank-you for our loyalty and for living up to our commitments in even the most trying circumstances, we have, essentially, been told were not good enough for Sears and JC Penney and Home Depot.

I wrote a letter to Frank Blake the Chairman and CEO of Home Depot this morning. While hunting for a mailing address for Frank, I stumbled upon “The Home Depot Values Wheel.

What a load of corporate bull crap this is. Take a look at it yourself, but let me quote a little of it:

Doing The Right Thing
“We exercise good judgment by “doing the right thing” instead of just “doing things right.” We strive to understand the impact of our         decisions, and we accept responsibility for our actions.

Building Strong Relationships
“Strong relationships are built on trust, honesty and integrity. We listen and respond to the needs of customers, associates, communities         and vendors, treating them as partners.” (Bye-the-way Frank, there’s a typo on the website in this one)

Yada, yada, yada.

Look, if you’ve risen up the corporate ladder to the point where you’re the chairman of the board you can’t be a stupid man. Do you really, really think anyone believes any of this corporate make-it-sound-like-we-care nonsense?

Come on, people know crap when they read it.

I live in an old house –  a house built around 1893. It needs constant maintenance. I’m always fixing, upgrading or replacing something.

So, Frank, here’s the “impact” of your decision to close our account despite an impeccable payment history:

I can assure you the only reason I’ll ever go to Home Depot again will be because my local hardware store or Lowe’s don’t have what I need, AND it’s not something I can order on line.

You have succeeded in protecting Home Depot from a customer who shopped your stores every week, and paid his bill every month.

How’s that for for creating shareholder value?

Keep up the good work, “partner.”

The Home Depot Values Wheel



In November ’11 look what I got in the mail:

8 Responses to “Home Depot: Passionate About Customer Service? Not So Much.”

  1. 1 Robby Sundancer

    The Home Depot Credit Card is operated by Citi bank, not the Home Depot.

  2. Thanks, but I don’t care if Home Depot farms this business out to someone else…They’re still on my s**t list.

    And get this, they sent me a “You’re pre-approved for a new Home Depot card” letter the other day.


  3. 3 jesse

    get a life you degenerate drain on society

  4. 5 Taylor Hagstrom

    I would like to apologize as a Home Depot associate. I’m not a corporate CEO, I’m not a Regional Vice President, I’m a Store Associate who appreciates what this company does for it’s people and the focus it really does put on the customer. You do not have to believe it, and I don’t expect you to given your story here. This should not happen to our customers and I agree fully with your anger, but in that same breath Citi bank does close any home depot account after a certain time of inactivity (usually about a year of not being used). I used to see this happen quite a bit in my store alone due to people usually signing up for them for things such as discounts or promos. I apologize specifically because we created a situation where you felt we advocated you were not good enough to shop with us. That is not the case, nor ever the case. We understand that every customer makes us or breaks us. I do not care how big a company is it can go down in a second without focus being on it’s customers. The fall of such a giant may not be immediate but it is imminent, this is why I’m sad to see some companies out there worry solely about profits. We may have lost you as a customer forever, but I hope that you would give us another shot, because I know damn well that even though I’m just one store associate, there are thousands other like me out there trying to make the company better. People miss the objective that corporations aren’t perfect, they are still improving, and over the last several years we have been pushing, driving, and exhausting this trying to recover customer’s like you that we have hurt. We are not biased based on income, we are not biased based on expenditure. What we are biased on is that customers, like you, are the reason we stay in business and the fact that you are not shopping with us currently exemplifies we still will always have improvement to make. Please if you ever have an experience like this again, get an email to one the store manager of where you were shopping, me (which was used to post this so you should be able to get it), or Marvin_Ellison@homedepot.com and we will get it to the right people to make the experiences in our stores right. Once again, I apologize.

    • Thanks for your kind words. If you ever run across the CEO or Regional Vice President, please let them know about my blog post and the 1,333 people who read it before you.

  5. 7 rick

    I am sure you understood how banks work on establishing credit worthiness,and since you yourself were a victim of the recession you probably understand the banks are obligated to protect their shareholders like any other business…..Rather than mis-directing your biterness towards the retailers, be thankfull you are back on your feet and have not accumulated any more debt than you already have….stop spewing the self-centered hate and move on….

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