Life Without My iPhone…


So, I’m waiting for my iPhone 4 to arrive.

I sold my iPhone 3Gs and ordered the new one. Delivery times are running 10 to 14 days so I’m without my trusty iPhone 3Gs for a bit.

No sweat.

No problem.

I’ll just use my company phone – an LG Xenon texting phone. It has a touch screen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

I lasted 48 hours.

To be sure the Xenon makes and receives calls. But, I ran into some issues and they were really my fault. I didn’t fully think through all the things on my iPhone that I’d be without…

Contacts – I manually entered about a half dozen names and numbers into the temporary phone – but, as luck would have it, I suddenly needed several of the numbers I did not save. I’ve got them, on my computers at home, on my MobileMe account and safely backed up in iTunes, but I didn’t have them where I needed them at that moment.

Email – Okay, I do most of my email on my iPhone instead of my computer. I knew this would be a problem but I figured, “Heck, I’ll just check my mail when I get home each night.” This was like moving backwards in time to 2007 before I had my first iPhone and had mail on-the-go. I missed a lot being out of the loop for 8 to 10 hours while I was at work. app – I turned on the Red Sox in the car and waited for Joe Castiglione to mention the score. I think the rule of thumb in broadcasting is to give the score about every minute so anyone, like me, who joins in the middle of an inning very quickly knows the situation. I waited….waited….waited….nothing. “Okay, I’ll just check the score on the MLB app,“ I thought to myself. Nope – no iPhone, no app. Bye-the-way Joe, you really can’t give the score too often.

iPod – I was working in my office listening to J. Geils Monkey Island. I love J. Geils and that was their most ambitious album ever. Great stuff. And it’s a shame so few bands feature a harmonica anymore. Anyway, I figured I’d listen to the rest of the album on the way to work…NOT. I didn’t appreciate that I didn’t have my iPhone with built in iPod until it was too late.

Notes – I have lots of little things I frequently need, stored on my phone. My dealer code at work, the safe combination, the codes and passwords for assorted alarms and devices at work. Nope, none of them. I had to rely on memory.

Now, there are a lot of things I knew I wouldn’t be able to do and I was willing to accept them…like controlling my desktop computer from the phone. With my video business, Safe and Sound Video, I try to have my computer working all the time encoding and burning DVDs.  I have an app, iTeleport, that lets me take over the desktop so when it finishes one DVD, I can have it start encoding the next in line….I can usually get 3 to 5 DVDs done while I’m at work…a little like double dipping.

Live weather radar – I knew I wouldn’t have WeatherBug Elite and I knew I’d miss it, especially in the midst of thunderstorm season. I like seeing where the storms are, where the most severe weather is and when it’s going to arrive over me.

Star Walk. I love showing this to customers who buy iPhones. It’s an astronomy app that shows you what constellations you’re looking at in the night sky. If you haven’t see it, take a look. It’s a great demonstration of the technology.

Of course, somethings are the temporary phone’s fault.

The LG Xenon, well, uhhhh, hmmmmmm, it blows. The touch screen is not good – it requires more of a push than an actual touch. The keyboard is too small – and a few years ago, who’d have ever thought the virtual keyboard on the iPhone would be sooooo much better than a physical keyboard, but it is. The menu system is less than ideal….I can find stuff but it’ a pain in the tail. Setting an alarm, for example, takes about six steps.

I’ve told people that moving to an iPhone will “change the way you do things.” That it’s like your first car with power windows. You can go back the cranks, but it’s not easy.

And it wasn’t for me either.

David got his iPhone 4 from Apple the other day, and now I’m borrowing his old iPhone 3G with the cracked screen.

I’ve got my email, my apps (except Star Walk – the iPhone 3G doesn’t have a compass, so I can’t use that app), my notes, and my contacts back.

I’m back, reconnected with the world, but it was a long 48 hours.

One Response to “Life Without My iPhone…”

  1. 1 Ed

    I did something worse . . . . In an effort to save a few bucks, I cancelled my unlimited access plan for both phones (mine and Lisa’s). Now its a constant stream of messages that I’m at 80% or 90% of capacity or that I’m over capacity . . . . .

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