Favorite Moments at the Apple Store

  • The iPhone, Leopard & Snow Leopard launches, tearing out the fixtures before remodel, and the post-remodel grand opening.
  • The guy who dragged his upside down Mac Pro across the parking lot, thru the mall and into the store. He was dumbfounded when we fixed his badly scratched up computer instead of replacing it.
  • The drugged out woman who sat on the floor and poured out the contents of her backpack while she hysterically and vainly searched for a receipt.
  • Fi iPho?
  • The customer who wanted to recycle his iPod mini but was concerned there might be personal information on the hard drive. After his son stomped on the mini for a few minutes out in the mall, he handed it over. The screen was cracked, the body was all scratched up but the hard drive was happily whirring along like normal.
  • The couple I spoke with a few days before the store closed for remodel in April ’09. The husband had serious visual issues and they were both impressed with all the accessibility features that came standard on the Mac. They waited for two weeks while the store was shut down and, when we reopened, they were first through the door and made a beeline to me to buy their new computer.
  • My boss at The River saying he wished I didn’t have to work at the Apple store and my wish that I didn’t have to work at The River and could work at the Apple store full-time.
  • The annoyed guy who needed a manager and, when pointed in the direction of Courtney, exclaimed, in the most incredulous tone, “The black guy is the manager?”
  • Kat ‘n Company dancing in the store as a busy Sunday was winding down. It was truly spontaneous  – not like the creepy, contrived Microsoft store video – it was just plain fun. I was too inhibited to join, but I was dancing on the inside.

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