The Missed Call is the New Voicemail


A few observations…

The missed call is the new voicemail
My oldest son never listens to my voicemails. Usually he’s calling back while I’m leaving the message or he’ll call back hours later but still has not listened to my message.  I mentioned this to a friend and, sure enough, his son does the same thing. Now, I just let it ring 4 times and hang up – he’s sure to call back.

Our Menu has changed
You know damned well their voicemail menu hasn’t changed but you listen to the prompts anyway – right?

Unusually high call volume
There are several companies that I call on a fairly regular basis and each and every time their automated phone system says “We’re experiencing unusually high call volume.” You know what? If you’re experiencing unusually high call volume all the time – that’s the regular call volume. Time to staff up and handle your customer calls without making people wait.

Can you hear me now?
Like many people, I use my cell phone almost exclusively. I do maintain a land line but, pretty much, people know to call me on my mobile. The thing is, the call quality on my land line is so much better than my cell.

It seems like we’ve taken a huge step backwards in telecommunications. Yes, the mobility is great but what’s it worth if you spend half your time saying “You’re breaking up?”

One Response to “The Missed Call is the New Voicemail”

  1. 1 Martin Dear

    My friends and I adopted a motto a couple years ago, “Friends don’t leave friends voice mail.”

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