The Corrupt-est State in the Union


Is it possible that there is another state in the union that is more politically corrupt than Massachusetts? I can’t conceive that it’s possible. The corruption in this state has become the norm – part of the system. It’s practically required, like the oath of office.

We’ve had three consecutive Speakers of the House indicted and forced out of office: DiMasi; Finneran; and Flaherty. That has to be a record of sorts.

We’ve all seen the video of State Rep. Dianne Wilkerson stuffing cash into her bra. State Senator James Marzilli has been indicted on sexual harassment charges, and there are more, oh, so many more examples.

Governor Patrick appointed State Senator Marian Walsh, one of his long-time supporters, to a $175,000/year position that had been vacant for 12 years. It seems to me that if we didn’t need anyone in that job for more than a decade, we can go a little longer – especially in these challenging economic times. Oh, what the heck, give her the job and just lay off another half-dozen social workers – priorities you know.

Last summer, the legislature passed a tax increase that makes beer/wine and liquor subject to sales tax. Of course there’s already a tariff levied on those products, so they’ve essentially just taxed another tax. That has got to be unconstitutional –doesn’t it?  And to top it off – State Rep. Michael J. Rodrigues, was photographed buying at the tax-free NH State Liquor Store – and he voted for the tax increase.

And the worst of all – in 2004 when Ted Kennedy & Co. were certain that John Kerry was a shoe-in to defeat the most unpopular President in history, the state legislature stripped the Governor’s office of the power to appoint a replacement Senator. Of course, Ted and about 90% of the legislature were democrats and the Governor was a republican.  As we all know, Kerry lost, and Ted was stricken with terminal brain cancer. So, five years later, Ted calls for the legislature to switch up the rules again so the democratic Governor can appoint a replacement Senator. They’ve made a mockery of the whole system. How do these folks have the gall to show their faces in public?  They ought to walk in and out the state house like a perp-walk with their hoodies pulled over their faces.

And speaking of Ted, The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate has been established to “educate the general public, students, teachers, new Senators, and Senate staff about the role and importance of the Senate.”

Great, another landing zone for politically connected hacks. But, the best part is the $20 million Senator Kerry slipped into a defense bill to partially fund this boondoggle. That’s $20 million that comes right out of the military budget for training and supplies. God knows, with two wars going on, the military’s not going to need any supplies – right?

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely – welcome to Massachusetts – cradle of Democracy.  John Adams must be spinning in his grave.

There, I feel better now…..almost.

One Response to “The Corrupt-est State in the Union”

  1. 1 Joe

    I used to think it was NJ until I read your blog. And now I’m happy in NH, but I’m sure there are some skeletons in the closet.

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