Got To Get You Into My Life


Sgt. Pepper was the first album I ever purchased.

I remember standing in the record aisle of the base PX and picking it out of the bin. I’m guessing this was 1969 so I probably paid about $2 for it. I don’t think my mother approved – but she didn’t approve of much in my early years.

The way I “learn” an album is to listen to it over and over again, read all the liner notes and lyrics. Funny, I don’t have a good head for lyrics. I can’t write them down, but I can sing along and they just pop into my head as I go.

It’d be a fair guess to say I’ve spent more time listening to The Beatles than any two or three other artists combined.

A few years ago Springsteen reissued a digitally remastered version of Born To Run and I spent quite a bit of time comparing it to the original. The difference was remarkable. Born To Run is the ultimate rock ‘n roll song in my book and the remastered version is so clear and sparkling that the original sounds muffled and muddy.

Faced with 11 albums to choose from, I’ve debated for weeks which I should buy. I knew I could probably only justify buying two. Okay, Sgt. Pepper seemed like an obvious choice – for sentimental reasons and because I feel it’s The Beatles at the absolute height of their creative powers – and before they started drifting apart.

But, what to do about the second one?

I love the White Album – While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Blackbird, Back in the USSR, Dear Prudence, etc…… but Rubber Soul and Revolver are great – Drive My Car, Think For Yourself, The Word and then Taxman, Dr. Robert, Got To Get You Into My Life. How can you choose???

And even if I bought all three of those – I’d still be missing Help!, A Hard Day’s Night, Polythene Pam, Get Back, Magical Mystery Tour and a legion of other gems.

Fret, fret, fret.

Now, it’s not like I was truly overwrought about my decision. I’ve got more than enough really important things to think and fret over but this was fun-fretting – a nice distraction from reality.

But, I did have to decide and today was B-Day – 09/09/09.

So, some forty years down the road, I found myself picking up St. Pepper from the music aisle again. And……..I chose the last album The Beatles recorded together – Abbey Road.

Some things change, some things stay the same. But, for me, there’s always been The Beatles.

4 Responses to “Got To Get You Into My Life”

  1. 1 Anne

    I’m glad to see that you finally made your choices.. I am amazed that you were able to get any of their albums today. ENJOY 🙂

  2. White Album for me…at least to whet my appetite until I can get the boxed set!

  3. 3 Joe Provenzano

    I have almost everything the Beatles released, but remastered tunes do sound better. I need to hit the lottery, but I don’t play. Would someone please send me the winning ticket. I would really appreciate it.

  4. 4 Emperor of Japan

    OH!! thanks so much for the offer of cd copies (is that illegal to write)! I have a lot of this stuff on vinyl. Nothing goes better with the crackle and hiss of records than chenin blanc which makes me sound like a pretentious ass but I highly recommend it.

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