Can You Use an Irregular Computer to Check The Email?


It is a regular computer
Maybe it’s just me but I’m not sure what that adjective adds. Regular coffee – is this how most people take it? Regular suit – average sized man? Definition of regular – run of the mill, typical, common? Is a Mac a “regular” computer? It is for me but I don’t wear a regular suit or take my coffee regular either.

If a Mac is not a regular computer is it an irregular one? A second? A computer with a mismatched seam or a small pick in the fabric?

I think not.

It’s not the iPod store
Take a look around the Apple store. Yes, you’ll see lots of iPods – Shuffles, Nanos, Classics and Touches. Yes, phones too – iPhone 3G and 3GS. Look closer. What else do you see?

Hint -> Computers. Lots and lots of computers. Notebooks, desktops all sorts of Mac computers.

I understand you may have first became aware of the store because you needed to buy an iPod for someone, but take a moment and look at what other technological goodies the store has to offer. Broaden your horizons.

Just say email
It’s not called the email. It’s just plain email. I’m not sure of the origin of that extra “the.” Maybe because the mail is delivered to the mailbox by the mailman (letter carrier). In any case drop that extra “the” when talking about email.

It is stealing music
Music is not free unless the artist and/or label say it is. The great success of iTunes is that music is relatively inexpensive, easy to access and totally legit. If you’re downloading music from Limewire or, in the past, Napster you’re stealing someone else’s product.

Do you go into Dunkin’ Donuts and take a large iced coffee with a turbo shot without paying? It’s the same thing.

And if you’re downloading music from sites that aren’t legit and you’re finding your computer is also getting virus’s there might be a connection. Just deserts if you ask me.

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