Guilty iPod Pleasures


I was listening to the iPod function of my iPhone while grocery shopping the other day. As my iPhone shuffled the next song up to me, I was momentarily confused about what song it was…then it hit me. “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher.

It’s a guilty pleasure. I like the song. And, frankly, Cher’s outfit in the video is pretty damed hot – and, of course, there’s a ship involved too.

I started to wonder what other songs I have on my playlists that I might not normally want to admit too enjoying. So, at the risk of forever being called tasteless, here’s my list of guilty pleasures that are currently on my iPhone.

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt – I know this was the most over-played song a few years ago and everyone got sick and tired of it. I can’t. I just never get tired of this song. I think it has something to do with the brief, romantic “what if” kind of thing that these two characters share for a few seconds.

Come On Get Happy by The Partridge Family – Seriously, how does someone not like this song. It’s just so damned happy, so peppy. I smile every time it rolls thru my headphones.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor – Even after all these years, this Rocky theme song (Was that Rocky II?) still pumps me up. It’s such a total cliche but I love the whole Rocky series – although seeing Rocky V once, was really quite enough thank you. Rocky – Best Picture 1977 –  is one of those modern classics that I always stop and watch. If I’m clicking through the channels and see Rocky – I just sit and watch. And before it’s over, I’m yelling at the TV – every single time.

Bang A Gong (Get It On) – Sorry – just love it. It’s sooooo 1972 and…….I remember 1972.

Dizzy by Tommy Roe – If someone says the words “bubblegum music,” I instantly flash to Dizzy. I so clearly remember listening to this song on a shoe-box sized cassette player in Wickford, RI when I was a kid. Walking home one sunny afternoon, we played this song over and over and over.  The funny thing is, I can’t remember who I was with.

2 Responses to “Guilty iPod Pleasures”

  1. 1 FlyNhigh

    C’mon Get Happy! OMG!!!!!!! You are right that you can’t help but smile. Afterall, images of Carol, and Greg and Marsha etc. automatically pop into your head. I may have to load this one although laughing and breathing hard may not go together well. Eye of the Tiger—everyone just has to have it!!

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