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“We need a word that none of us would use in normal conversation,” Joe pronounced. After several minutes of consideration, it was suggested “wax beans” might be the perfect choice. It made sense since none of us liked them, our parents had long since given up trying to make us eat them, and Burger King […]

Why Shipguy?


I get this question a lot actually. I use “shipguy” or some derivation of it for most of my email addresses and account log-ins. No, I never served in the Navy. I do not know how to sail. I do not own a boat. I am not in the merchant marine. Yes, I have been […]



This is my inagural post – don’t get all excited it’s gonna be pretty basic. I have no idea what this is going to be – or how long it’s going to last. I’m really just starting to figure out this whole “new media” stuff. Blogging, podcasting, social networking et al. I set up a […]